TSOP: Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to The School of Play Autumn Term!

We hope you’ve had a playful summer and are looking forward to Nature’s colour orchestra as autumn sets in.

Summer in Two Countries

This summer saw the launch of our flagship programme on Playful Leadership which leverages the latest research on Play Science, neuroscience, psychology and coaching to explore and develop your personalised leadership style through play. The first ever Playful Leadership Foundation course took place this sunny July at Chicheley Hall in beautiful Buckinghamshire, the UK country home of the Royal Society.

This was followed by a weekend of play at the MaSCoT conference organised by Wolverhampton University in support of local maths teachers at schools and universities where we gave a talk on “Unleash Your Play Brain: Play Your Way Towards a Happier Adulthood“.


Next we flew across the pond to Washington DC where we gave the latest talk on Playful Leadership: How to Enable Transformational Change and Have Fun Doing It as the closing keynote to 1500+ playmakers at Agile 2019, the world’s largest Agile conference.


What’s Next?

More Playful Leadership Please!

A lucky bunch of us are off next week on  7-8 October for some outdoor play and indoor contemplation for the next Playful Leadership Foundation course. Registration is now closed. We will be announcing more dates for next year soon!

Other Upcoming Courses

For a thought-provoking, playful and change experience when it comes to creating effective Agile transformations, there are two options this autumn in two equally beautiful cities:

And if you fancy an introduction to play fundamentals, here’s the chance to play in Milton Keynes:

Conferences Where Play Happens

If you would like to experience the power of Playful Leadership LIVE, join us at these two super-fun conferences:

Meanwhile, wishing you, your colleagues and loved ones a playful autumn!

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