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About The School of Play

The School of Play began as one woman’s dream for a more playful, happier world. Portia Tung is an Executive and Personal coach, Agile coach, play researcher and storyteller. Her pursuit to help people realise more of their potential has led to the pleasant yet all together unexpected discovery that play is essential for the lifelong development of adults and not only children. Portia’s research on play has led her to live a more playful life, so much so that she has managed to dream The School of Play into existence.

The School of Play is a popup school dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play. We inspire and enable adults to make their dreams come true by nurturing their mind monkey and developing their play intelligence through play adventures. Each adventure is a personal social experiment and transformative experience designed to help us lead happier and more fulfilling lives by reconnecting with our playful selves.

About Portia Tung

Portia began her career as a software developer and team lead over 20 years ago. Over the past two decades, she has become increasingly drawn to person-centred approaches in enabling positive personal and organisational change. She now works in service of individuals and organisations as an executive coach, executive agile coach and play coach guided by her play research and her passion to promote happier adulthood through lifelong play.

Portia is a keen student and practitioner of the transformative power of change through play. Consequently, she has chosen a path of personal mastery by focussing on exploring and understanding her own system first in order to discover the most effective and efficient ways to enable others to change themselves.

As part of this journey of self-discovery and training, Portia has trained as a professional coach with Kim Morgan at Barefoot Coaching. She has also been a student of Wendy O’Sullivan and Paul Field in Clean Language and Coaching, a student of Nancy Kline in the ways of the Thinking Environment and Thinking Partnership and, most recently, a student of John Whittington in the field of Systemic Coaching and Coaching Constellations.

Portia at Play

Portia is well-known for her fun, practical and thought-provoking talks and workshops at Agile conferences, and is also the creator of creative concepts such as Agile Fairytales and Enterprise Gardening. Find out more about Portia’s musings through her personal blog.

Watch Portia’s talk on “The Power of Play – Making Good Team Great“, the talk that marks the start of Portia’s passionate pursuit of play as an adult, inspired by Dr Stuart Brown‘s book “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul“. Portia’s talk debuted at Oredev in Malmö in 2011 and has since appeared at conferences around Europe including London, Cambridge, Manchester, as well as Copenhagen (Denmark) and Rückersbach (Germany). Her talk has inspired audiences to take play more seriously as a crucial catalyst for personal happiness and overall well-being.

Portia’s Play talks include:

To prove we’re serious about the importance of play, check out our Play Manifesto, our pledge to play.


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