What we do

The School of Play is run with passion, fun and curiosity.

At The School of Play, we believe adults should get the opportunity to experience play in a fun, friendly and safe environment where we can connect with others as well as reconnect with our playful selves.

The School of Play is the first ever creation of its kind which enables adults to discover the life-changing benefits of play. Each encounter is designed to maximise self-discovery through fun, friendship, scientific research and play.

Mini Play Adventures

Our mini play adventures bring together adults who are curious about the concept of play and want to explore ways to play more in their lives.

Each mini play adventure consists of a mix of different exercises and games to get us thinking and talking about play through play lasting up between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

No mini play adventure is complete without the prospect of change and challenge, so you will get to take away at least 3 ways to increase your daily amount of play right away.

Epic Play Adventures

Our epic play adventures are day-long workshops where you are invited to bring along something you would like to work on.

Together we go on a super-fun journey that will ignite your creativity and sharpen your thinking so that you leave the day with an action plan you can action right away. What’s more, you’ll leave feeling energised having exercised your playful self as well as feeling equipped with the abilities to make one of your dreams come true.

Play Coaching

We offer coaching to individuals, groups and teams based on the latest research on play science to help you reconnect with your playful self and ignite your play brain to achieve your goals in a fun, efficient and transformative way.


It was great to meet with someone who comes from the same way of thinking as me. I like to come from the science of play and laughter” – Emma, founder of The Laughter Life

Portia made everyone feel welcome and was keen for everyone to contribute and be engaged. She was warm and friendly and was very passionate about play!” – participant from a mini play adventure