What we do

The School of Play is run with passion, fun and curiosity.

At The School of Play, we believe adults should get the opportunity to experience play in a fun, friendly and safe environment where we can connect with others as well as reconnect with our playful selves.

The School of Play is the first ever creation of its kind which enables adults to discover the life-changing benefits of play. Each encounter is designed to ignite self-discovery and transformative change through fun, friendship, scientific research and play.

Play Coaching

We offer coaching to individuals, groups and teams based on the latest research on play science to help you reconnect with your playful self and ignite your play brain to achieve your goals in a fun, efficient and transformative way.

Executive and Personal Coaching

Our focus is on enabling transformative and enduring change through 1-2-1 coaching sessions. We begin with a meet-and-greet session (in person or remote) to explore how we may work most effectively together. We typically recommend a set of 3-6 sessions at intervals of one session every 4-8 weeks, each session lasting between 60-90 minutes.

Agile Coaching

We specialise in Executive Agile Coaching by working with senior executives and their teams as well as internal change agents to enable organisations to grow a culture where their people, the company and society can flourish.

We also have the skills, knowledge and experience to work across hierarchical boundaries to amplify the benefits of Agile throughout an organisation.

Workshop Design and Facilitation

We delight in co-evolving and delivering unique, inspiring and playful workshops that enable clients to achieve their goals with clearly defined scope and success criteria upfront to ensure we achieve what we set out to achieve.


It was great to meet with someone who comes from the same way of thinking as me. I like to come from the science of play and laughter” – Emma, founder of The Laughter Life

Portia made everyone feel welcome and was keen for everyone to contribute and be engaged. She was warm and friendly and was very passionate about play!” – participant from a mini play adventure