Laugh in the Face of Fear

Happy Beginnings Start with Proper Endings

Do you sometimes feel stuck in groundhog day in spite of your best intentions? Or perhaps you dream of escaping messy endings and long for better beginnings? According to one school of systemic thinking, the secret to happy beginnings are happy endings. Join us in a laughterful session on the secret to enabling happier beginnings and endings grounded in play science because transformative change happens when we laugh in the face of fear.

Upcoming Workshop: From Halloween to Festive Cheer – Towards Better Beginnings on 15 October 2021

Better prepare for new beginnings by joining us in a playful exploration of the vital themes of beginning, belonging and ending. In this highly interactive workshop you’ll have several chances to play at your edge on professional and personal topics of your choice in order to glean the necessary resources and learnings that make up the foundation of your new beginnings. You’ll be invited to explore core play memories that make up your play history and, in doing so, get the chance to reflect on, restore and resource your playful self. You’ll have the option to work on your own, in small groups as well as the whole group in order to identify and connect with what’s truly vital for you to flourish in your next beginning.

This workshop is part of the Four Seasons of Play 2021 programme. Each workshop can be enjoyed independently or as a combination of modules in a year-long programme where you’ll learn about true play, how to cultivate your play intelligence and shift towards a play mindset as the seasons change. Play your cards right and you’ll grow as a person as well as a leader by becoming more resourceful, resilient and real in these unprecedented and transformative times.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Play Theory: Play Personalities from Dr. Stuart Brown, Play Learning Cycle by Scott Eberle and the latest play change theory Bobul Mechanics by Portia Tung
  • Systemic principles for enabling healthy relationships from start to finish
  • Increased self-awareness of your relationship with beginnings, belonging and endings
  • A powerful set of additional or renewed resources to create happier endings and beginnings
  • Increased resilience when dealing with professional and personal change.

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 participants.

Who would benefit from taking part in this workshop?

The Four Seasons of Play workshops focus on enabling individuals to develop the systemic mindset and skills necessary for an individual to lead effectively – be it yourself, your team, your family or your life. At each workshop, you’ll experience a range of eclectic tools and techniques you are unlikely to have come across before which you could then apply at work and at home.

Where do you sign up?

Join us for a taste of summer and delight your colleagues, family and friends with playful leadership by the seaside. Sign up for the workshop here!

Growing Children Through Creativity and Yoga


Welcome. All children are born creative. At Studio Tara we believe in growing happy children through creativity and yoga. Children’s yoga enables you to nurture your creativity through a whole mind-body-mindset workout that’s healthy, fun and useful for life.


At Studio Tara, we combine yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindfulness to promote physical and mental well-being. Each yoga class is grounded in our knowledge and practice of play science to enable children to become who they want to be.

Benefits include:

  • Gets you fitter and more flexible in a fun and gentle way
  • Increases your ability to focus by expanding your attentional space
  • Develops your curiosity as a superpower by opening your heart and mind
  • Enhances your self-confidence to overcome challenges through gentle movement
  • Gives you the chance to discover who you are in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive environment


Children can bring along their adults for our online classes or invite us to your school if you go to school in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK. Contact us if you’d like to find out more. Here’s a sneak peek of what looks and feels like.

You can find out more here about why children’s yoga and why now on my personal journey of transformation.