Play for Your Life

“We make reality with our minds. And if this is true, then we can also break it with our minds. We can change the way things are by changing our minds about them.”

Lyall Watson, Scientist & Zoologist

With the arrival of the new year comes the announcement of our second national lockdown in the UK for at least the next 6 weeks. The announcement reminds me of a lesson I learned some years ago and it is this: “There’s neither good news nor bad news, only how we receive the news determines it so”.

Four Seasons of Play 2021

And since the show must go on, I’m delighted to announce the Four Seasons of Play, a brand new online play programme to mark, explore and celebrate each season of your life’s play adventure in 2021. Like the Playful Leadership programme, this new programme of workshops are inspired by everything I’ve learned over the past twenty years about how to enable transformational change that is effective, efficient and, most vital of all, enjoyable. Especially in these challenging and interesting times.

Each workshop can be enjoyed independently or as a combination of modules in a year-long programme where you’ll learn about true play, how to cultivate your play intelligence and shift towards a play mindset as the seasons change. Play your cards right and you’ll grow as a person as well as a leader by becoming more resourceful, resilient and real in these unprecedented and transformative times.

Consider this your invitation to play, be it at one of the Four Seasons of Play workshops, or on your own or with your family or your pet. The most important thing now is to keep playing because play prevents our hearts from growing hard towards one another and reminds us of what it means to be truly alive. Play on!