Playful Leadership: Rejuvenation

Dancing under Whomping Willow's Sister

Do you feel somewhat exhausted from the daily grind? Do you, at times, find yourself baffled by the behaviours of those around you as well as your own? Do you long to feel more joy and experience relationships of mutual growth?

If your answer is “Yes…” to one or more of these questions, then it’s time to act swiftly before the zombie virus gnaws away the last bit of your playful brain and stymies forever your chances of leading from a place of empathy, compassion and resonance.

Playful Leadership is a unique approach to leadership based on the powerful quadruplet of Play Science, neuroscience, psychology and coaching. According to child development experts, play is the most effective and efficient way of enabling children to learn, lead, collaborate and be at their best. It turns out this also holds true for adults, especially when it comes to organisational change, based on Portia’s 23 years of working and playing with adults in organisations large and small.

Playful Leadership is founded on a principle we call “Inside Out“. That is, in order to achieve effective change in a system, the first system we need to explore is our own. A notion inspired by the work and play of Bert Hellinger (discoverer of Family Constellations).

This course offers a unique opportunity of developing and integrating both the logical and emotional parts of ourselves through a combination of systemic principles, tools and techniques alongside the transformative warmth of empathy, compassion and resonance bring, imbued with a magical sense of fun, humour and deep respect.

On this explorative and highly interactive 3-day course you’ll get the chance to befriend your logical and emotional selves and learn a whole host of tools and techniques to make more room for your whole self in relationship with others. You’ll experience the benefits of play firsthand and, with your experiential knowledge of true play, enable change in yourself as well as learn ways to enable change in those around you.

There will be plenty of chances to play, on your own and with others, as you learn through practice the secrets to enduring change for greater good. Catch a glimpse of what being on the Playful Leadership programme looks and feels like here.

This course is limited to 9 participants in order to maximise participants’ learning experience.


  • Increase your capacity to feel more deeply and effectively 
  • Integrate the logical and emotional parts of your mind
  • Increase your resourcefulness in the face of challenges
  • Restore the flow of joy in different aspects of your life


The course will take place 10.00 – 17.00 on all 3 days.

  • Restoration: Re-collect your joie de vivre by exploring your play preferences
  • Renewal: Make your brain a more enjoyable place to live by touring your 8 emotional circuits
  • Re-present: Cultivate a greater sense of inner peace through practising empathy, compassion and resonance
  • Re-animate: Nurture your felt sense and deepen your inner knowing.

Depending on the enthusiasm of participants, there will be the option to attend The Night School of Play each evening, likely to run from 19.30-21.30 BST.


This course is ideal for individuals and teams interested in creating systems, such as workplaces and families, where people will thrive and deliver great outcomes. Suitable for progressive leaders and managers, coaches, organisational catalysts, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, product managers, project managers, organisational change agents, HR and consultants.


The curiosity to explore and a desire to enable oneself and others to be fully themselves and at their best.


We’re super-excited to announce this course will take place on 10-12 May 2023 in the idyllic play space of Ashridge House in Hertfordshire, England, a property which dates back over 700 years with significant residents such as King Henry VIII, a wartime hospital and most recently, the world-renowned Ashridge Hult business school.

Ashridge House is a tranquil retreat set in 190 acres of parkland, moments from the national rail and road network. Convenient for London, its airports and the Midlands, Ashridge House is accessible from Berkhamsted Railway Station (from Euston-Berkhamsted 40 minutes), complete with extensive on-site parking.

And yes! Ashridge House was a source of inspiration for Hogwarts which is why it looks and feels Hogwartsy inside and out. Why not come try out the magic at The School of Play for yourself?

Bonus Fun: Participants will have the option to stay overnight at Ashridge House or in accommodation in the friendly and beautiful town of Berkhamsted, referred to fondly as “Berko” by its residents. More details available in the FAQs.


We hope you will come join us to experience the magic of true transformation!

Snaffle your place on the course here.


This brand new course is one of three modules in the Playful Leadership programme created by Portia Tung. It is an emergent creation as a result of Portia’s passionate pursuit for a healthy balance between purpose, play and work.

Find out more about the history of this course and the Playful Leadership Programme here.



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