Playful Leadership: Emergence

Playful Leadershi in Action

Have you lost your mojo and feel bored at work? Are you longing for alternative ways to lead for greater good instead of purely self-gain? Does work keep getting in the way of your dreams of co-creating a better world?

If your answer is “Yes…” to one or more of these questions, then it’s time to act swiftly before the zombie virus gnaws away the last bit of your playful brain and stymies forever your chances of leading and living wholeheartedly.

Playful Leadership is a unique approach to leadership based on the powerful quadruplet of Play Science, neuroscience, psychology and coaching. According to child development experts, play is the most effective and efficient way of enabling children to learn, lead, collaborate and be at their best. It turns out this also holds true for adults, especially when it comes to organisational change, based on Portia’s 22 years of working and playing with adults in organisations large and small.

In this ground-breaking and highly interactive 3-day course you’ll experience the catalysing power of play and gain an understanding of how play can convert seemingly relentless resistance to change into joyful anticipation of growth instead. You will experience the benefits of play firsthand and, with your new knowledge of play, create your own play profile, identify your play preferences as well define and develop your own authentic leadership strategy.

What’s more, you’ll learn what it takes to enable systems to flourish by beginning to work with the primary system for effecting change, namely your own system. You’ll get to play with a pawful of tools for navigating personal and organisational systems plus learn to identify and optimise opportunities for contributing in support of systemic health.

There will be plenty of chances to play, on your own and with others, as you clarify and articulate your life’s purpose and amplify your effectiveness in order to become the leader you truly long to be.

This course is limited to 10 participants in order to maximise participants’ learning experience.


  • Enable transformative change effectively and efficiently through Playful Leadership
  • Create a play profile for yourself
  • Identify an individual’s play preferences
  • Define your own authentic leadership strategy
  • Be at ease with play and be more at ease with yourself


The course will take place 10.00 – 17.00 on all 3 days.

  • Benefits of play and consequences of play deprivation
  • Playspotting with a Play Mindset
  • Gauging an individual’s playfulness using the Play Quotient
  • Creating your own personalised Play Profile
  • Cultivating a felt sense and nurturing your inner knowing
  • The Bobulate Change Theory and Model
  • Universal language and principles of systems
  • Definition of what leadership means to you
  • Definition of your own authentic leadership strategy


This course is ideal for individuals and teams interested in creating systems, such as workplaces and families, where people will thrive and deliver great outcomes. Suitable for progressive leaders and managers, coaches, organisational catalysts, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, product managers, project managers, organisational change agents, HR and consultants.


The curiosity to explore and a desire to enable oneself and others to be fully themselves and at their best.

When and Where

We’re super-excited to announce this course will take place on 22-24 June 2022 in the idyllic play space of Ashridge House in Hertfordshire, England, a property which dates back over 700 years with significant residents such as King Henry VIII, a wartime hospital and most recently, the world-renowned Ashridge Hult business school.

Ashridge House is a tranquil retreat set in 190 acres of parkland, moments from the national rail and road network. Convenient for London, its airports and the Midlands, Ashridge House is accessible from Berkhamsted Railway Station (from Euston-Berkhamsted 40 minutes), complete with extensive on-site parking.

And yes! It does really look and feel like you’re at Hogwarts on the inside and out. Why not come try out the magic at The School of Play for yourself?

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This course builds and extends on what was formerly the 2-day Playful Leadership Foundation course first launched in July 2019. Since then, its creator Portia Tung (a student of her own work) has grown through her passion for purpose, play and work. The result is a much improved and expanded 3-day course in scope plus new tools and techniques to surprise and delight you with.

Find out more about the history of this course and the Playful Leadership Programme here.



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