Four Seasons of Play 2022: Play – Make – Do You

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

Year 2022: Play. Make. Do You.

Four Seasons is an online play programme designed to resource, restore and re-invigorate our whole selves by reconnecting with the seasons of life through the power of play.

The Four Seasons of Play, like the Playful Leadership programme, is inspired by everything Portia Tung has learned about how to enable transformational change that is effective, efficient and, most vital of all, enjoyable. Especially in these “new abnormal” times.

This programme has been playfully crafted and will be facilitated by executive coach and play researcher Portia. Through a practical mashup of the latest play science, psychology, neuroscience and coaching techniques, you’ll feast on fun and purpose towards transformative change, leaving each workshop feeling inspired and resourced to embrace all that 2022 has to offer. For you and those to whom you matter.

Enjoy each workshop as a standalone experience or as a combination of modules in a year-long programme where you’ll learn about true play, innovative ways to cultivate your play intelligence and shift towards a play mindset as the seasons change. Play your cards right and you’ll grow as an individual and as a leader so you can thrive instead of just survive in what some folks are describing as “new abnormal” times.

Spring Bloom and Blossom 2022

Spring Bloom and Blossom: The Life-changing Magic of a Spring Clean – 4 March 2022

Who says spring cleaning can’t be fun? Explore your relationship with play with fresh eyes and make a clean sweep in order to make room for more of what you want and what you need. Experience fun and unusual ways to create space and resource yourself to move beyond your limits into bloom and blossom in 2022.

Summer Fun 2022

Summer Fun: Splish Splash in the Sea, Sand and Sun – 8 July 2022

Explore your relationship with work, rest and play as you reconnect with your five senses. Learn about humanity’s relationship with work, rest and play since the dawn of time and leave this beach trip feeling refreshed and raring to go as you play your way through the rest of the year.

Autumn Harvest 2022

Autumn Harvest: Feast on Your Life – 9 September 2022

Cultivate a deep sense of abundance and sleep like a contented baby so that you can spend more of your days truly awake. Develop core life skills of giving and receiving in order to cultivate a sense of abundance in different aspects of your life so that you can enjoy and feast on your life.

Winter is Coming: Towards Better Beginnings Through Relationships at Play – 2 December 2022

Explore the theme of belonging and your place in your work and in the world to enable you to go and grow this festive season. Experience miracle moves that will propel you towards better beginnings in 2023.