We’ve created a pair of play programmes to support you on your journey of personal mastery and effective leadership. Both of these programmes are available as public courses (see dates below) and as part of your organisation’s inhouse leadership and well-being training. Both programmes offer complementary aspects of learning which deepen and reinforce play theory and practice in terms of personal mastery and effective leadership.

Four Seasons of Play

Four Seasons of Play is an online play programme designed to mark, explore and celebrate each season of your life’s play adventure in 2022. This series of half-day workshops focus on enabling individuals to develop the systemic mindset and skills necessary for an individual to lead effectively – be it yourself, your team, your family or your life.

Playful Leadership

Playful Leadership is an in-person leadership programme enabling personal mastery. It’s based on the powerful quadruplet of Play Science, neuroscience, psychology and coaching designed to enable individuals to learn, lead, collaborate and be at their best. It currently consists of two modules: Foundation Part I and Foundation Part II.